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‧Frequently asked questions for wireless wheel lights

‧Install 3 wheel lights on one wheel.

‧Software introduction.

‧Save your design patterns on a computer.

‧Use a USB dongle to renew wireless wheel light patterns.

QuestionI can not turn on my wireless wheel lights.
Here are some check points. First, please tighten the battery cap harder. Second, double check with the batteries polarities. Third, try with new batteries. If your lights are still not responding, please contact us.
QuestionDo I have to put 3 lights on the same wheel?
It is highly recommended. This can keep your wheel balanced and get a full image pattern at low speed (15km/h or 9mph).
QuestionIs it water proof?
Yes! All lights are tested under water 30cm(12 inches) deep for 30 seconds before put in sealed packages.
QuestionCan I program my own lighting patterns?
Yes! All designer packages comes with USB dongle and software CD. You can use a computer to design your own patterns.
QuestionHow about the warrenty?
All products come with one year warrenty.
QuestionWhat is the return policy?
Please keep the original package with you if you want to make a return. The grace period is 7 days after receive your order. Shipping cost are not refundable.

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