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New「 LUBA」 LED lights for Party Fun & multiple uses


Anvii's new lights LUBA FA is such as LED Flashing Listing Pendant Necklace. Rotate the bottom ,thus turn on the quick flash on light.Applied for gifts with ceremonies and festival activities

Market analysis: It is a new design but should be very popular in market soon.

  • bar:
    • Young boys or girls like to dance at night,
    • and they like new and novelty decoration to attract others' attention.
    • This necklace would get them excited.

  • school:
    • Young students like to show their novelty things to each other

  • party or holiday:
    • This is a real market.
    • All Saints' Day, Christmas Day, celebrations etc would be great market for this "gift".
    • So if there is such an amazing necklace in your shop,
    • you may attract many more customers: students, young guys or girls, organizers of party...etc.

two LUBA package


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