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Difference between Anvii Wheel Lights with other bike lights !


  There are a lot bicycle lighting application in the market. What are Anvii Wheel Lights different than others? We all know bicycles can put on front and rear lights, but we seldom see people put lights on spokes. This has to thank for todays's LED technology breakthrough. Today's LED size and power consumption are much less than regular light bulbs, but amazingly, LED emits brighter light beam than before. Here is a picture describs the application for bicycle head light. In the picture, the front light has a limited emitting angle. It is designed for illuminating. The second picture at the bottom describes Anvii Wheel Lights. From both sides, Anvii Wheel Lights can be seen at 1000 m distance. It lights up 70% blind area when using only head light. This can helps to decrease a lot of accident at dark cycling situation.

Head light

Anvii light


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