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Bike on Express way: experience the beach culture in southern Taiwan


Tainan County will host "Bike on Express way" on Jan 24th, 2010. Based on past years
great success, bike in Tainan has became a major activity among cycling lovers.
This activity is to bring the awareness of reducing the pollution of carbon dioxide
, experience the government's construction and see the beauty of Tainan beach.

Here is the agenda of the day:
am 06:00 ~ 06:30 registration
am 06:30 ~ 06:40 warm up
am 06:40 ~ 07:00 guest speaking
am 07:00 ~ 07:30 lottery (1st, 2nd price)
am 07:30 ~ 12:00 get on the road
am 09:00 ~ noon lottery (3rd price and more)

Anvii will have a booth and sponser for lottery. Come to visit us and enjoy the ride.



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