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Pretty girl biking on the street !


    Anvii has made new season promotion photos for year 2010. The theme "Pretty girl biking on the street " hope to bring up the importance of safty to our daily cycling life. Head lights and rear lights have been up in the market for quite a while. Although, there are still many people don't have lighting system on their bicycles. The reasons stop people putting lights on bicycles maybe price, inconvenient, and don't think it is necessary. Because of this, we have design bike wheel lights under the conditions such as a reasonable price, easy to use, fun and safe. Starting from fun, we hope to create a better cycling environment at dark.

After two months of looking, we are grateful to get contact of Kiki. Kiki who loves bicycles a lot and volunteer to be our photo model. She has seen many gadgets on bicycles, but it is her first time to see Anvii bike lights. As a daily bicycle commuter, she totally agrees the importance of lighting on bicycles.

For girls, lighting is not only to protect from being seen, but also being mental confident. The location we had picked up is Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei. Anvii lights' customers are from around the world, some of the readers may already visit this place. The place is a combination of modern and traditional Chinese architecture, very pretty. When you get a chance to visit Taiwan, don't forget to stop by. Enjoy the photoes~~


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